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“Reclaim” digital painting time lapse

Here is a time lapse of my first painting of 2020, “Reclaim” (also title of the song used in the video, which is from my latest album, “Eight”).

Bliss painting process

Here is a process video of “Bliss” digital painting. This artwork is based on a track with the same title from my last release album “Eight”. It took me about 20 hours to complete this piece.

I have used Wacom Cintiq 13hd pen display in Adobe Photoshop, captured the videos by Snagit, and created the video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Album “Eight” is available as physical CD and Digital format on all online music platforms.

Awake to dream, painting

“Awake to dream” is the 6th piece of the collection that I’m creating based on my seventh release (music album, “Seven”). I’m painting an artwork per each track of the album.




Drawing “98”

98 / 2015 / Pen and Compressed Charcoal on Paper / 63x86cm (25″x34″)


Here is a Time-Lapse video of Drawing process:

Drawing “97”

97 / 2014 / compressed charcoal on paper / 63x86cm (25″x34″)



Drawing: “95”

95 / 2014 / compressed charcoal and marker on paper / 63x86cm (25″x34″)