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Painting Exhibition at Golzadeh Art Gallery


Farzad Golpayegani’s Paintings at Golzadeh Art Gallery / October 30th to November 4th 2009 / 4 – 8 P.M. / Unite 8 , No. 3 , Sharifi Alley , Behrouz St. , Madar (Mohseni) Sq. , Mirdamad Boulevard , Tehran , Iran

Fusion Concert

f-graphic_6th-posterFarzad Golpayegani’s band in their Fusion concert including Exhibition of Farzad’s Paintings

Farzad Golpayegani’s band performed in their fusion concert. This event was held in January 2007 at Avini’s Hall in Honarhaye Ziba School (School of fine arts)/Tehran University. Since the genre of this concert was Fusion, eastern Percussions was played instead of Drums. It was something like an Iranian Rock Unplugged..

Video Arts that consist of Farzad’s paintings was playing during the performance too.

In addition some collections of Farzad’s paintings was demonstrated as an Art Exhibition at the same time. This exhibition included over 50 paintings.

Band line up for this concert:

  • Farzad Golpayegani: Electric & Acoustic Guitars
  • Naeim Meschian: Bass Guitar
  • Vahid Sabet Ghadam: Daf, Tabla
  • Soheil Danesh Eshraghi: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
  • Arash Jafari: Koozeh

Guest Player:

  • Edward Wastnidge: Darbuka

For view some pictures of performance check Band Photos

A little Performance..

Farzad had a little perform in Switzerland’s Embassy in July 2006. He and “Ali Sardashti” (Iranian Percussion Player) played new versions of some tracks and some Improvise parts.

Also there were other bands with different styles in this program.

f_e-se-c p_m-se-c s_sh-se-c farzad-se-c Farzad-G_Switzer-Land-Embassy-2005



one-engThe first album of Farzad Golpayegani “ONE” is an Instrumental Fusion-Metal album. Farzad has composed, performed, recorded, mastered and even has designed album cover all by himself. He personally has played 7-string electric guitar, Acoustic guitar and Bass guitar and for the percussion instruments, he has composed the notes by computer programming. No Eastern or Persian instrument has been used in entire record and all the eastern sounds and melodies are simulated and played with Acoustic guitar in an innovated tuning.

Name of the tracks are the numbers in song writer’s track-list. The reason is the importance of Instrumental music and musical concept against understanding under track name’s influence.

Although there are many difficulties for Rock and Metal Music in Iran, this album succeeded to be the first licensed album in this genre in Islamic Republic of Iran in 2002. But it faced many problems for distribution and had two years of latency and finally was released in 2004. After a while because of Rock music being banned by the authorities in Persian’s government the MP3 version of album was officially distributed free to download at Farzad’s official website.

This album is officially Free to download as MP3 files. To purchase Physical CD please visit Store page or Farzad’s store at Reverbnation.

Farzad Golpayegani’s Band concerts (2003-04)

Farzad Golpayegani’s Band concerts (2003-04) :

  • 4 June 2003 , Tehran , Farabi Hall
  • 4 January 2003 , Tehran , Farabi Hall
  • 4 January 2003 , Tehran , Farabi Hall (welfare concert for Bam earthquake with “Barad” , “Sarakhs” and “Babak Riahipour”)
  • 4 September 2004 , Tehran , Farabi Hall

Farzad Golpayegani’s Band were :

  • Farzad Golpayegani : 7th strings Electric Guitar & Acoustic Guitar
  • Behrang Bashash : Bass Guitar
  • Mahyar Vosoughi : Electric Guitar , Keyboard
  • Mahyar Pour Hesabi : Drums
  • Reza Shafeghati : Setar
  • Amir Djadid-Al-Eslam : Tombak , Daf

to see photos of concerts click here.