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“Six” released

Album “Six” (May 2012) by Farzad Golpayegani, Persian composer, musician and visual arts artist is based on the soundtracks he has composed for video games “Quest of Persia: Nader’s Blade” and “Garshasp”.

Tracks of this album include reworked pieces for Intro, Themes, Trailer and Credits of the games. All electric guitar solo parts (instead track “94”) are added in album version.

The album includes 16 tracks with Orchestral Metal theme.

Tracks of this album: “85”, “86”, “87”, “88”, “89”, “90”, “91”, “92”, “93”, “94”, “95”, “96”, “97”, “98”, “99” and “100”.

Album is available at Store page and Farzad’s store at Reverbnation, as well as: iTunesAmazonCD Baby, and other digital stores.

Farzad is an independent artist and he’s not signed to any record label, so please support and only buy the records officially.

Six-CD-sample farzad-g_6med