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Interview with Iranian Rock News

Find my recent interview (in Farsi) at Telegram Channel: Telegram.me/iranianrocknews1
مصاحبه اخیر من در کانال تلگرام: Telegram.me/iranianrocknews1
با تشکر از دست اندرکاران کانال

Interview with Siamak Pourzand Foundation

Check out this podcast for my recent interview (in Farsi) with Siamak Pourzand Foundation. Many thanks to Gleb Zhukov and Ehsan Moghadasi.

English linkFarsi link


Interview with GoMusic.ir (in Farsi)

Please find GoMusic’s interview with Farzad Golpayegani at this link.

Print version (PDF) is available at here.

Farzad’s phone interview at “Ruye Khat” by VOA PNN

[Farzad’s interview starts at 15:02]

Divan Magazine interview (in Farsi)

The fifth issue of “Divan” Magazine includes an interview with Farzad.

Divan is a Digital Persian Magazine which focuses on Rock and Metal music. Magazine is published as PDF file and it’s free to download.

For view and download this issue please visit this page or click on images below.