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Farzad’s Articles in zirzamin.com

Farzad has started writing articles (in Farsi) in zirzamin.com from November 2010.

Find the first article “Songwriting in Rock and Metal” at:

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Role of Medias to promote and find more audience

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Zirzamin is an Iranian online music magazine and the project concept is to create a forum to connect the new wave of Iranian independent musicians and bands, both inside and outside of Iran, to the Iranian public and the world.

Farzad’s interview with Zirzamin.com

Farzad Golpayegani, on his Iranian Prog/ Metal music and his new album.


Z.Z: Those who would like to know you as an artist, can read your biography on your website (https://www.farzadonline.com/) or read our older interviews with you on zirzamin’s archives (Here), but let me start by asking you how it’s going with the recordings of your next album “Three”? F.G: It’s about 2 to 3 years that I have started working on this album and due to lack of time and the amount of works involved, I’ve not been able to finish the recordings yet. There is nothing much left on mixing and mastering. I think the album will be ready in a month. But I can’t say anything firm about its release yet. I prefer to complete the works and then look for a suitable channel for the release. But I will have some parts of some tracks on the https://www.farzadonline.com.z.z/ The next album includes only 3 compositions which are 17 min in length, each. Is it because you wanted to give a more Progressive profile to it?

F.G: Yes, if the album wouldn’t have been Progressive, I could have increased the number of tracks to 15. Two of the songs (14 and 39) contain a lot of variations, they transform a lot and have depths. Also in track “47” I have sang little bit in it which has become an Read more