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Nachgefragt: Farzad Golpayegani/ Heavy Metal musician from Iran

– Who are you?

I am Farzad Golpayegani, I was born 1979 in Tehran/Iran. I’m a composer, musician, painter and graphic designer. I play 7string electric guitar,
acoustic guitar, bass guitar and violin. I have 3 full records in Iranian progressive metal genre so far, including music themes and background music
of an Iranian game called “Nader’s Blade” which I’m going to release it as an record too. Also I’m working on my forth record which is completely
acoustic and fusion. And I’ve had some concerts inside and outside Iran so far.

– You seem to be not the only one, who is involved in art in your family. Who else plays music, paints or does anything else within art?

My late father use to be one of the leading modern artists in Iran. He was a graphic designer, painter and musician as well and he is mostly known as founder of temporary Iranian typography. It needs to be mentioned that I lost my father about 24 years ago.

– It is hard for us to get a fair view on Iran. How would you describe your country today?

Yes I believe that most of medias don’t show the real face of Iran and it’s usually introduced in negative way. But I’m sure when people have their own real and individual experience in Iran they are usually surprised. For instance I have many foreigner friends who were journalists, artists or students who have come here and were really interested in Iran. In brief although there are a lotof limitations in my country but there is a visible difference between people and the government’s politics. But at least during events of our last presidential election many people around the world watched real Iranians. Because why I live inside Iran and need to be careful of what I say, I can’t describe it very well!

– There were some problems to get in contact with you because of filtering in Iran. What can you tell us about this problem? Does it hinder you in your work?

Of course, as I mentioned before there are a lot of limitations in here. Actually for the last 4 years rock music has been completely banned and I’m
not allowed to have releases, gigs or concerts. That’s why I have all my records free to download at my website! It’s really painful that after working such a long time on a record I don’t have permission for release. Also it means I don’t earn any money from my albums. During last presidents era I had some concerts and a release but after that I only have had
performances abroad and that’s very rarely because usually it costs a lot or it’s hard to find an opportunity. About 7 years ago I took the first Iranian Metal records license for release in Iran. But after that I couldn’t succeed and now I don’t even try!

– I love your paintings and drawings, since I saw them. What concept do you have? Where do you got this connection to expressionism from?

My favorite style is surrealism and expressionism and I have tried to achieve my own style in my paintings. The idea of the concept is very close and similar to my music, the only thing that differs is the way I express them with notes or shapes and forms. In both I have the influence of eastern culture, contain details and technical talents, only use numbers and don’t call them with names, I don’t point to subject straight and use symbols or surrealistic motifs and…

– How do you become involved into Progressive Metal?

I’m a metal fan and since I’m not very strict about style and enjoy most of genres of music, I have tried to use them in my own songs as well and it makes my songs sound progressive metal. I call them Iranian Progressive Metal. I usually try to combine dynamic, energy and power of metal music with dept, spirituality and purity of Iranian and eastern music.

– Why don’t you name your songs?

When it comes to instrumental music it would be a good idea to get the impression only from music and not from the words. I don’t want to give my listener a view of idea of the song. I usually don’t aim on a particular subject in my artworks. I like them more general.

– What kind of scene is there in Tehran for an artist like you?

Unfortunately musically there is no chance to have any especial activity. Rock and metal music is completely banned. But since I work on Fusion style
as well I can work on that a bit easier sometimes. I’ve had a fusion concert about 2 years ago in Tehran. But we were not allowed to have Drums and also we haven’t had Electric rhythm guitar as well. It was mostly acoustic and we had Percussions instead of Drums. In fact we’re not allowed to get and give
impression fully in front of audience. The most important place for us is on the net and we have difficulties according to filtering in Iran. for example there is no access to “MySpace”, “YouTube”, “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Orkut” and many of music magazines or news broadcasting websites, and people need to use their proxy software for them.

– Everybody has a message in its art, also if he do not know it. What’s yours? Or am I not right?

It’s very important to me to make people think. I’m not concerned of don’t have a lot fans or don’t have a big financial raise. I only care about how valuable is my artwork.

– What future do you want? And what future will you get?

I have learned to enjoy the work I’m doing and I never dream of living a luxury life. I only wish to have a better road while I walking in this way.

Interview done by Gunter

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