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name: Farzad  |  surname: Golpayegani  |  year of birth: 1979  |  country: born in Iran. Have been  |  living in Iran, Turkey and currently in USA

Q1: When did you start making art?

Like many other artists at very young age. My father use to be Graphic designer and Painter so I had the chance to grow up in artistic environment. 

Q2: What does inspire you?

Almost everything. Although my creations come from my imagination and look Surreal but are influenced by anything from real life including World news, Politics, History, different Cultures and beliefs.

Q3: What are your techniques?

I Work both in Digital and Physical media and I’m always trying to experience new techniques, but at the same time I usually have some elements that give a personal character to my artworks. For instance I use cross-hatching a lot, and I get the advantage of this technique by Pen, Pencil, Marker or Digital Pen. I also use a lot of thin and watery colors and don’t fully cover the layers beneath while painting.

Q4: What is the main idea or feeling behind your works?

I try to avoid a particular subject for my works. My ideas are general and basically about a feeling or sense that I believe cannot be translated to words properly. By that feeling I try to reach enlightenment and showing a face of reality that cannot be seen normally.

Q5: What is the main color of your art and why?

I don’t think I have a main color in my artworks. I try to take advantage of all colors. What I mainly do is to create compositions with harmonic colors so they fit beside each other. My goal is to choose colors that fit beside each other perfectly, and it doesn’t matter what color it is. I usually avoid very sharp colors that are not in the same family or value.

Q6: What would you improve about your work and why?

I don’t have a particular plan, I usually right down ideas to make improvement or new experience about my works. Also make study sketches and trials before going for the original version. I usually spend so much time just thinking about idea, technique, composition and everything. I try to improve my performance all the time. I really don’t like to get stuck in one shape of technique or artwork. Although it’s not so obvious on my painting, but I try to be dynamic and flexible while do not lose my style. Plus, I never start painting a new artwork without having a new idea. I never paint something that is only beautiful but is meaningless and has no message for the audience.

Q7: Do you have any project for the future?

I’m currently completing my Acrylic on Canvas collection which all artworks have the same large dimension as 121 x 121 cm. So far I have prepared 6 artworks and have in mind to reach more than 10.

Q8: Describe yourself with 3 words capturing the essence of farzadonline.

Introverted, Dynamic, Seeker.

Q9: Show us (link) your very first work. Describe it from techniques till feelings.

This HERE is not my very first artwork tough, but maybe the first I took really serious while creating my first collection back in 1997. I use to work on this mainly during boring classes in school! I only used Bic black ballpoint pen on paper and I think it took me about a week to complete. It’s in a small dimension but it was so challenging because it had very smooth light and shades and details which was hard to draw by a pen. In this collection I followed the idea of Mask-like portraits and I tried to represent different typical characters and the concept of skin deep personality.

Q10: What did change from your first work till now?

My method use to have a Grotesque and Expressionism look which has turned to more Surrealistic over the years. I use to draw grotesque cartoons at my early career that I quitted after couple of years, because I found it had negative effect on the direction of my progress.

Q11: What is art for you? Escaping from reality or the essence of life?

I would say both. Or maybe a way to understand the essence of life by escaping from reality. I believe life is not only what we understand or call reality. Art is a shortcut to understand the things which are beyond our understanding.

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